Nov 24, 2012

The ABC song

the abc song We aren't an English mother tongue family but I really would like my daughters learn some English.

I think it could be easier for children learn from family members but sometimes children don't like to speak a different language at home, because they don't understand immediately what parents say, and they have to try to understand and use some imagination.


Anyway, I've been trying to teach English to my children since they were little baby. Words are easy to learn and they know very well colors, shapes, name of daily life objects, Sentences are more difficult to learn because they don't need to have a good memory, they try by themselves to put words together in the right order.

Songs are very helpful because children repeat the same words and sentences while singing.

Our first and favorite song is The ABC song.

There are lots of versions and we like to listen and sing some of them but our favorite were found out on YouTube casually and it's from Sesame Street website.
It's also a lovely good night song.


Don’t forget to sing and dance with your children!

It’s funny, it makes you spend some fun time with your children and help them to learn in a funny way!

Nov 17, 2012

Playing with nuts

nuts-smMy little one is a very curious toddler. She likes finding interesting things in the house, and she also likes shapes and colors.
Yesterday she found a very interesting thing: a basket of nuts!
Immediately she asked me to give her the basket, she looked at it for a while and then she started to study better any nut she found inside.

Nuts are very intersesting: they have different colors and shapes. And best of all a little toddler cannot break a nut and a busy mom, at least, has to take some nuts from the floor and not a milion of little pieces of it. Nuts are also big enough to not being swallowed!
Anyway, she started sorting nuts by color, then by shapes, and finally she made pictures.

Sure, you should have a very good immagination to see the same picture in it! But the most important thing was keeping her busy, safe and focused on something creative.

This creative game took her about an hour and gave me the time to tidy up the kitchen and the time to cook a good lunch for us and her sister who was coming home from school.

In my opinion, creative games aren't always easy to find, they have to be interesting for the child and often, something, an adult find interesting, is not for a toddler, but once a good creative idea works for a child is good to keep it in mind, it's always a better option than TV or other games that need an adult to supervise the child.


Nov 13, 2012

My very first post in a blog

MyVeryFirstPost This is my very first post in a blog.
I've never write one but I've read a lot.

I'm a proud mom of two lovely little girls and life with them is always busy and full of lots love and wonderful experiences. I'm trying to do my best as a mother and doing my best means learn more things about how to live with children and to teach them live a happy life. And I learnt so much in these years.

I learnt about children and how to keep them busy with crafts, I learnt how to be more "green" in the daily life, I learnt how to teach interesting things to children without getting them bored, I learnt how to cook good meals for children by myself and so on...

Sometimes I grab ideas from magazines sometimes from blogs of other mothers like me. And sometimes those ideas become something real that I use in my daily life. 

Now, I would like to share all of these with other mothers like me.

I hope you will find this place a nice place and come back again.



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