Jan 30, 2013

Creative Friday

creative friday1
Children love to express their selves and feelings in lots of ways. Drawing, dancing, singing, playing an instrument are well known ways to relax mind and body.

As a mom I encourage my children to be as much creative as they can.
I love drawing and painting very much, so I’m feeling more comfortable helping them in those ways. I like very much listening to music and music is part of our daily life. My children love singing their favorite songs and usually I do it with them, I don’t think I must be a singer to sing children songs. Unfortunately, I’m not good at playing instruments, but their father helps them with music, he is more talented than me.

Friday is the last day of the week, children are usually really tired and stressed out, another long school week is at the end and it’s hard try to do the weekend homeworks. It’s better help children to free their minds and let them free to express themselves in their way.

Our Creative Friday starts with a funny snack, it isn’t important what we eat: fruits, cookies, a fruit juice, or so on. The important thing is that it must be special, just the Creative Friday must have this kind of snack. For example: if we would like to have fruit, we make a smoothie, it’s easy with a mixer: we choose some fruits and mix them with a little bit of milk. Or we have fruit juices in special glasses. 
Just choose the funniest way you like and ask children to help to make and to clean, of course.

creative friday3 After the snack, it's creative time.

I stick a very big white paper with tape at the table (it’s also good to stick some smaller white papers together), then I give my children different tools and they choose what to use to create: pencils, rubbers, colored pencils, felt pens,  finger colors, brushes, crayons, colored papers, scissors (just to my older daughter), glue, play dough, and so on.

I just put everything on the table, or I give them what they ask.

creative friday2Then I just let them free to do what they want.
It’s a good way to free my mind too, so I stay at the table with them and I help my little one creating with play dough (it is her favorite), or drawing something.

My older daughter is very creative by herself and she always would like to do surprises for everyone: a drawing, or something with colored papers.

The big white paper on the table is a cover for the table and a white canvas to paint. Usually they draw and paint it too!

creative friday5
Sometimes we paint together a big paint.
Anyone cooperates to the painting adding different things: while I paint some flowers and my child draws the sun or the grass, or something she likes. Anyone draws things while the other one draws something else. At the end we enjoy our big paint.

creative friday4 Creative Friday is our time together, we spend time together doing something we like to do. We spend as much time as we like drawing and painting, or doing anything we like.

At the end of the creative time (for us arrives when I have to cook and serve the dinner on that table) anyone is more relaxed, feel better, free from the duties of the daily life.

I suggest anyone to create a special day in the week to do something creative.
Of course, anyone choose the favorite creative way, but the important things are the feel to be free and the presence of a parent.

Children draw, paint, sing, play an instruments anytime by themselves.
My children fill our home with their drawings and paintings but the ones during Creative Friday are the best ones, the ones done with heart.


Jan 18, 2013

The glowing bedroom

My children have slept in dark bedroom for years since one day they decided to have some light in the bedroom when sleeping.

I knew children change their habits during their life, they usually do a thing or like something and then they change their mind.

Daily life is different for anyone, any child or adult feels the daily life and events in different way. 
Anything it feels in different way from different people and often it is hard to say or to know what it was: school life, something at TV, a scared picture in a book, that’s  for children, and little children have more problem to know what scare them. In my opinion parents must be very careful and understand what scares their children and help them to face their scary situations.

Adults have the same difficulties in other way and more often they don’t want to tell anyone: a bad day at work, a bad news, an unpleasant time spent with someone.
I’m the one who doesn’t sleep well when I have any unpleasant situations so I try to understand when my children could have any kind of scaring situation.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find the cause of scaring situations and help children to deal with them. Daily school life is one of them: I’m not physically with my child when something upsets her, but I can help her at home, talking about it.

That’s why dark bedroom is not a good room to sleep anymore. School life is very challenging for my older one and she finds it hard. Bed time is really hard time for her because she has the time to think about the day and sometimes it’s difficult deal with a bad day.

One day, after some terrible days spent trying to find what was upsetting her,  she told me she couldn’t sleep in a dark room, she felt scared and alone. I think about different solutions: a light on during night would make too much light and her little sister couldn’t sleep (she is not good at sleep without light, what about a light on in the bedroom: night party!), a small light… I’m scared about them, I think they are too dangerous during sleeping, a light in another room would keep everyone awake all night.

What about Glowing Stars! She suggest me the best way ever.

We had tons of glowing stars in the solar system box. I gave some to her and some to her little sister, then they stuck lots of glowing stars on the wall next their beds.

Now they sleep all night and they like going to bed at night.

To make the stars glowing more, we light the stars about half an hour before going to bed, during my children wear their pajamas, brush their teeth, read the good night story and so on.
Then we switch off the light and the room looks like a wonderful night sky!


Jan 8, 2013

Organic soap

Soap flakes2-sq My older daughter had a kind of allergic reaction to clothes softener when she was a little child.
I read a lot about problems that a very sensitive skins of children have with soaps or softeners.
In order to try a solution to that, I spent lots of time trying different soaps.
Finally, the best kind of soap was Marseille soap.  And I wash any clothes with it.
But it’s NOT good for the WOOL ones.

soap flakes-sm



Usually, I buy a pack of flakes Marseille soap from organic shop.
Sometimes, I don’t find flakes of soap and it is also a good solution buy a bar of Marseille soap that I’ll grate with cheese grater.
Unfortunately, it’s not ready to use because the cold or warm water can’t melt the soap. That’s why it’s a good way melt and prepare in advance some glasses of melted soap.

How to prepare a glass of soap.
soap 1-smBoil some water, put 4 tablespoons of soap flakes in a glass and fill the glass with very hot water. 
Mix a little with a teaspoon in order to melt the soap.
The soap is ready when any flake is melt in the water and it could be used to wash the clothes or added in the washing machine.
About half a glass of soap is enough to wash about 5 kg of clothes.


soap-sm I usually prepare 4 or more glasses of soap.
In less than an hour the soap in the glasses get cold and solid.
When I need it I put the amount of soap in an empty glass, I mix it to some water with a teaspoon and as soon as it gets soft it’s ready to use.
Using this soap I also found out that softener is useless because clothes are very soft and have good smell after washing.



And last but not least it’s 100% biodegradable!!!
That is just enough for me as the best choice!!!



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